Filipino Man Still Sleeps with his Dead Wife

Renato dela Cruz, a 52 year old man from Cavite has been arrested by authorities for sleeping with his dead wife. Aling Puring, one of Renato's neighbours alerted the authorities last Wednesday, when she smelled a strong odor from the man's house.

"Mag so-solicit sana ako ng pera para sa graduation ng anak ko. Syempre kumatok ako, nung binuksan nya na yung pinto, bigla na akong may na amoy na kakaiba, kaya pinabarangay ko na." (I was going to solicit money for my child's graduation. I knocked on the door, and when he opened it, that's when I smelled something foul. I reported him to the barangay right away), recounts Aling Puring.
When the authorities came, they saw the wife's corpse carefully positioned on a queen sized bed as if she were sleeping. Renato admitted to keeping his wife's corpse, but he said, it was only out of loneliness and grief. His wife died of lung cancer 2 years ago. He was promptly arrested and put in Cavite's City Jail.


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