26 year old Filipino woman age rapidly after childbirth

A young woman from the Philippines caught the attention of medical professionals when she came to them seeking treatment for her bizarre condition. Anna Lim, a 26 year old woman, who had just given birth to her first born son, complained that she is starting to age at an alarming speed.

Anna Lim used to be in top shape, but several months after she gave birth to her baby, her skin began to sag, wrinkles appeared around her eyes and forehead, sun spots spread all over her skin. Her health also began to deteriorate, her vision became blurred and her joints ached whenever she moved. After about a year, her friends and family couldn't recognize her anymore. She looks like she is 60.

"I did not expect this to happen. It's like my life is on fast forward, while everyone else's is on play." Lim said.

Doctors said she has a rare case of Progeroid syndromes, a group of rare genetic disorders that mimic physiological aging, making affected individuals appear to be older than they are. As of this moment, there is no cure for this disorder which means Anna Lim's chances of recovering are bleak. For now, doctors have advised her to under go plastic surgery to restore her youth.


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